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Straight HB
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Straight HB

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Product Description: 

Beautiful Head Band Wigs made from our Step & Repeat Collection of Virgin Hair.  

Each Head Band Wig fastens at the nape of neck with velcro band and secures to hair with combs / clips.  Front of Head Band is black.

As with all Southern Girl Luxe Hair Collections, this hair reverts to its original texture after shampooing.  


  • Always use heat protectant / serum when using heated tools.  High, frequent and excessive use of heat will damage all hair.
  • Do not wear wig in saltwater or chlorine water.  It is advised to not wear our Head Band Wigs in pools or bodies of water because water weighs hair and may cause the combs to pull and damage your natural hair.
  • This hair can be styled as desired.  Minimal use of flat iron and straightening tools is advised to help extend the texture and life of this wigs.
  • Always comb hair from ends up using very wide tooth comb only as not to catch, tangle or pull hair which will cause shedding and breakage.  
  • Avoid contact with weft by using loop brush.
  • Shampoo, condition and style using best products.  
  • To shampoo & condition:  
    • Wet hair thoroughly in clean vanity basin or sink using warm not hot water.  
    • Apply quarter size shampoo in palms of hand and lather.
    • Apply shampoo with finger tips to strands of hair and gently massage in a downward motion evenly to reach all strands.  
    • During this shampoo process you will gently pull hair all the way to ends constantly repeating until slip is reached.  Slip is when you are able to easily pull hair strands without tangle.  Slip is very important in Curly, Wavy or Kinky textures.  

After slip is achieved throughout all hair, comb with very wide tooth comb from ends working up, rinse in cool water.  Repeat same shampoo and combing process.

  • After 2ndshampoo and cool water rinse, lay on towel to absorb water for 30 seconds.
  • Apply conditioner using the same downward motion and rinse in cool water to protect hair luster.  Rinse again to assure all product is rinsed out.
  • Drying:  
  • Lay wig with hair side down so that you can see the inside of wig on a very thick towel (double or triple fold towel if necessary) as to absorb maximum water.  Leave wig on towel for 10 minutes.  
  • Lightly towel blot hair.  Do not ruffle as it can loosen wig, tangle hair and cause damage.  Gently place dry towel inside of wig with towel to catch moisture.
  • Allow hair to dry naturally whenever possible and dry completely before touching; otherwise, hair will frizz.  
  • Very lightly apply oil throughout hair.  Be careful not to apply too much oil.
  • Allow wig to dry on wig stand until completely dry.
  • Always prep hair with heat protectant first if using tools to dry hair.  When using heat tools, do so on lowest heat, medium air and constantly moving the dryer until dry.
  • To use oils on dry hair:  apply pea size amount of serum / oil on dry hands, lightly touch hands together and apply in a downward motion to hair evenly to reach strands and ends.  Use fingertips to comb oil throughout hair.  Be careful not to overapply.
  • Professional care and advice by an experienced stylist of Human hair wigs advised to maintain optimum results.
  • Color by Wig Professional recommended. 

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