Our Hair

Southern Girl Luxe Hair Only Sells India Temple Hair.  Every single strand of India Temple Hair begins as Raw hair.  All Temple Hair collected is from women who journey to the Temples of India to “tonsure” or shave their heads as a religious act of sacrifice within their culture.  This donation of Temple Hair is then collected and traded; therefore, all hair begins as Raw Hair.

India Temple Hair is undisputedly the highest quality of human hair available.  Raw Hair is pure and unprocessed.  It is completely untouched by chemicals or manipulated in any form.  It is for this reason that Raw Hair can last for years and maintain its beauty.

There are 3 “Natural” Textures of Raw Hair:  Natural Curly, Natural Wavy, and Natural Straight.

Raw Hair is the finest, purest, human hair available and traded world-wide.  Raw Hair is also the most expensive because of how it is collected, its quality, beauty and with cuticle intact it is even more valuable.  Our Hair is cuticle intact, meaning all hairs are collected (bundled) straight away from head of donor; thereby, allowing for cuticles to be intact and strands of hair not mixed, as in top (scalp) and ends meeting together.

Virgin Hair is defined as hair that has been processed in any manner.  Our Collections of Virgin Hair hold true to the industry standard.  To achieve other popular textures, a steaming process is done on the hair.