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The Ultimate Guide to Expensive Wigs
The purpose of this blog post is to provide readers with information about expensive wigs. We will discuss the different types of expensive wigs available, the factors that contribute to their high price, and how to choose the right expensive wig for your needs. We will also share some of the best places to buy expensive wigs online.
What is Indian Temple Hair?
India Temple Hair is undisputedly the highest quality of human hair available. Indian Temple Hair when collected in its natural state is Raw Hair, pure and unprocessed.  It is completely untouched by chemicals or manipulated in any form.  It is for...
Adhesives + Glues = No Edges

The truth about glues and adhesives speaks to and why you may be experiencing hair loss, thinning edges, irritation and a host of other issues due to the use of glue and adhesives.  This article details common problems extension and wig wearers suffer but it also offers alternatives that will allow you to continue wearing your beloved extensions and wigs with comfort in knowing it won't cost you thinning edges and discomfort.