Raw Clip Ins

Raw Clip Ins


    Instant Length & Beauty


    Known As:   Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Water Waves and Beach Waves based on the                           texture / pattern

    Origin:         India Temple

    Type:           Raw for Natural Colors and Virgin for Blonde Clip Ins

    Texture:      Soft, luster with natural weight and movement  

    Weight:      3.5oz – 100 grams

    Color:         Natural Dark Brown to Black. Color friendly in all textures and can be bleached blonde to #613  

    Wear:        With proper salon care:  lasts up to 4 years with proper salon care, no shedding or tangling.  Style as desired.  

    Maintain:  High Maintenance and worth it. High and constant heat is the primary cause of damage to Raw hair. Treat this hair as your own natural hair.  

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