Professional Services


Maybe you’re looking to up your hair game to a whole new level. Southern Girl Luxe Hair will help you. We know a woman’s hair is an extension of her identity. Our goal is to help you feel and look your best at an affordable price. Do you need a whole new look or maybe you to want to just enhance your natural beauty? We welcome you to consult with Southern Girl Luxe Hair.


The art of coloring hair is centuries old and wildly popular.  People color their hair for many reasons; out of boredom, to achieve a new look, for fashion, personal expression, to soften the face, look fresher and younger. Our Southern Girl Luxe Hair Colorists are experienced in the art and technique of hair color to advise and guide you to your best color.


Installs and Style

The installation of Luxury Hair Extensions, Wigs and Clip Ins is a technique and skill that all stylists simply have not mastered.  Hair damage, breakage including to hair edges as well as infection and further damage to hair follicles and eventually alopecia can occur from tight braids, edge control, glue and related products can easily occur from visiting an inexperienced, unprofessional and unclean hairstylist.


We do not receive compensation nor do we compensate Hair Stylists for Professional Services when we recommend a client to them for services.


Should you need a referral for your install please contact us and we will do our best to recommend you to a Professional in your area.


Wig Maintenance

 We also do cleaning, conditioning and repair.  If your wig is dirty, oily, lifeless or in need of repair, send us several well lighted photos from several angles on a white background (or a white towel, white paper, etc.) for us to perform a preliminary evaluation of work on your wig.  Please include your phone number in case we need to call you.  


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