Why should I buy Southern Girl Luxe Hair and why is it advertised to be the best, and last so much longer than everyone else’s hair?

India Temple Hair is Human Raw Hair, the Purest and Most Natural Hair available.  India Temple Hair is undisputedly the highest quality of human hair, thus the most expensive.  It is the Rolls Royce of Hair.  It is ethically sourced and its disbursement and sale is controlled by the Government of India.


We source our hair from India where the donor’s (person donating their hair) head is shaved; thereby, allowing their hair / cuticle to stay in place and orderly. The best bundles of hair are gripped and held by the fist of a barber and immediately tied.  Hence the term bundles.  Next the hair is shampooed multiple times and picked for grays, ticks, split ends, etc., and conditioned before being sold.  The highest bidders purchase the best hair.


There is no confusion of hair from the cuticle (scalp) or ends.  The hair is kept in the same direction by bundling from scalp to ends and never reversed.  This makes the hair so much more valuable and sought after.  Indian hair is longer, healthier and better maintained by their donors as a standard.


Hair from India is capable of being dyed, colored and styled various ways just as the hair on your head.  Hair from India has different textures and colors based on the region and ancestry of the donor. Hair from India will match the hair on your head more closely than any other hair on the market.  It is for these reasons why Indian hair costs more.


How many ounces are your extensions?
3.5 ounces / 100 grams.  Should you prefer denser / thicker bundles, wigs, etc., please request and we will be happy to add more hair for you at a slightly higher cost.  Remember that extensions are sold per:  Collection, Weight, Length, Texture and Color.


How many extensions do I need to perfect the look that I want?

3 bundles for a fuller look is standard.  Certain people as a standard wear more bundles because they simply like a fuller, more voluminous look.  Smaller heads and smaller, petite and shorter people may not be better served to go with more bundles; whereas, larger frames, faces and taller or more statuesque women are complimented with thicker / denser or extra (4) bundles.


Do you have Bulk, Braid or Hair for Locs?

Yes. All of our textures can be sold in bulk?  Bulk is loose hair without the weft sewn.  Simply select your desired texture and include a note  in the comment section of your order that you request bulk hair.



What do I need to do to my extensions before the install?

Always shampoo your Southern Girl Luxe Hair before installation. Due to the warehousing and operations of foreign Hair Companies and the plastics used to package and ship hair, this often will cause an unpleasant smell.  Unlike the USA where certain standards and processes are mandated and upheld this is not the case in India and other countries as they often do not have such strict government or health regulations and guidelines.  The trade of hair in general is an under and unregulated industry.  India works in unairconditioned facilities with windows and doors open and often off the floor. It is also for this reason you should always shampoo your bundles before installation as they travel from another part of the world often opened for inspection by customs.  


As we physically inspect each bundle of hair upon receipt, we can shampoo your bundles if we notice an unpleasant odor or smell, per your request for a small fee.  If you wish for your bundles to be shampooed and conditioned prior to delivery, please select the option at checkout.


Our wigs do not require shampooing or conditioning nor do they have an unpleasant odor or smell as they are custom made by our Wig Master and are ready to wear upon arrival. 


Remember to shampoo your extensions regularly, twice weekly is a good schedule.  Conditioning is preferred after each shampoo to maintain your Southern Girl Luxe Hair.  Whenever possible, a deep conditioning is best when shampooing your bundles! 


Each Southern Girl Luxe Hair purchase comes with hair care instructions to guide you on maintaining your hair.  Shop Southern Girl Luxe Hair Preferred Hair Care Products to further protect your hair investment.


What products are suggested to clean and maintain my Southern Girl Luxe Hair?

Always use the Very best National Brands of Sulfate Free brands to shampoo as well as the best conditioners and oils for moisturizing such as:  Moroccan, Argan and Coconut Oil per our hair care instructions.  


Shop Southern Girl Luxe Hair Preferred Hair Care Products to further protect your hair investment.  We have tested each of the products we recommend and have found them to perform best on our Collections of Hair.  Although some of the products recommended are used in the Silk Press process, they have ingredients and properties that allow Our Hair to maintain its beauty and wear best.


Can I color or dye my extensions?

Yes, you can.  Remember that Southern Girl Luxe Hair is 100% human hair just as your own hair; therefore, coloring by an experienced color pro is advised.  Each purchase comes with a instructions to inform and guide you on your extensions purchase.  Please follow the instructions and recommendations for color.  It is always best to have a hair care color professional to color your extensions and wigs.  Per your request we can custom color your purchase.


How long will my extensions last?
Each Southern Girl Luxe Hair texture shown details how long your extensions typically last. 

Some of our Collections will up to 4 years when properly maintained.  You will find that true 100% Indian Human Hair is a far greater investment than hair imported and made in China, or all of Asia of which you purchase from Beauty Supply Stores and online.


Also, the value of a real silk hair, cap or pillowcase can’t be emphasized enough.  Silk will keep hair from being drained of moisture which leads to dryness, breakage, thinning and tangling.  Edges are protected best with a silk wig cap, silk scarf, or lined silk hats and caps.  Beware of edge control and gels as they often have alcohol which is your worst enemy and will dry your hair and damage edges.


When should I take my extensions out?

You should give your scalp and natural tresses a break after wearing extensions 4 – 6 weeks max.  You should have your ends trimmed to keep them healthy as well as have a deep conditioning of your natural tresses.


What should I do when with my extensions when I take them out for a while?

Shampoo and deep condition your extensions and allow them to thoroughly dry.  After you are certain they are completely dry:

  • Place clean dry extensions in a gallon Ziploc bag
  • Label bag using a Sharpie marker with the Collection of Hair you purchased
  • The length
  • Texture
  • Color

Save your extensions for when you are ready to use again.  Southern Girl Luxe Hair lasts up to 4 depending on the Collection with proper care!


Do You Deliver?

Yes! If you are located in Houston, Texas or a surrounding city.

  • All in person delivery orders require a signature. No exceptions. 
  • We will call you to schedule delivery.  
  • Orders delivered require a matching TDL (State Issued Photo Driver’s License) and or in person photo taken by delivery person before release as well as the physical credit card used to place the order.  In order to prevent theft, no exceptions are allowed.  
  • Complimentary delivery within Houston and surrounding areas may include:  Katy, Pearland, Sugarland, Friendswood, Kingwood and Humble.  
  • Delivery outside of Houston and surrounding areas is charged on a case by case basis due to time of day, traffic, weather, etc.  Please inquire.
  • Stylists, do you need to do an install and need extensions?  Just give us a quick call and we will do our best to meet your needs. 
  • Should you provide an incorrect delivery address we will only attempt 1 complimentary delivery.  Additional delivery attempts will be charged $20 to be paid in advance of rescheduled delivery.


Do you ship Overnight or Express Delivery?

Yes.  We can expedite shipment of your order.  Express and Overnight Delivery is only available once your order has been prepared.  It does not allow your order to be placed ahead of other orders for shipping.  Once your order is prepared for delivery, should you wish to have it expedited there will be an option during checkout that you can select.  You may also contact our office to request that your order is expedited for the same fee.