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Southern Girl Luxe Hair Wigs Are Exclusive Designs created by the owner and are not factory made or mass produced.  Our wigs are made one wig at a time.  As such, you can expect to shop exclusive new wig designs revealed on our website throughout the year.  

Only our exclusive Collections of Hair are used in our wig designs, which means you may style your wig as desired as all our hair is heat and color friendly.

Perhaps you are experiencing alopecia, medical or hormonal induced hair loss, or simply desire a protective or different look.  We are sure to have a wig to compliment your needs, personal style and desired look.  

Southern Girl Luxe Hair’s Wig Master has over 10 years of industry experience in wig making.  


Custom Wigs

Should you prefer or require a custom wig, we are happy to consult with you to design and have a wig made from one of our Collections.  

Each Custom Wig purchased from Southern Girl Luxe Hair’s Collection Includes Complimentary Products Designed to Maintain Your Extensions:


Hair Care Kit

  • Southern Girl Luxe HairPreferred Collection of Hair Care Products 
  • Hair Extensions / Wig Brush
  • Detangling Comb
  • Hair Clips
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